Arctic Cat is full of enthusiasts who are empowered by the great outdoors. They are motivated by their passion for hard work and the pursuit of adventure. At Arctic Cat they are committed to building products and providing services that deliver the experience enthusiasts expert from them. This commitment is engineered into the engines, the chassis, the suspensions, the gear and accessories. They wear their pride on their sleeves and across their chests — a statement to the world that everything they do is done with purpose and precision. That is how they create the ultimate off-road riding experience for fellow enthusiasts who share their passion.

Farm King is a leader in building top quality farm implements for many agricultural applications. Product divisions include grain handling, tillage, application equipment, hay tools, landscaping equipment and Allied by Farm King commercial equipment.

Farm King products are manufactured in Morden, Manitoba and Vegreville, Alberta, Canada as well as Fargo, North Dakota, Salem, South Dakota and Willmar, Minnesota, USA. Farm King has numerous warehouses across the United States and Canada for product setup and parts distribution. The dealer network of over 2,000 North American locations provides first class service and professional expertise to farmers and customers.

At Farm King we strive to build top of the line agricultural equipment to best suit the needs of farmers around the world. The commitment to quality and durability has always been a staple within the company and this trend will continue into the future.

We provide Carquest auto parts. Contact us for more information.

When Bud Harsh made his first hoist back in 1948, he introduced a product destined to become a true world leader, in truck hydraulics, nothing quite like it had ever happened before. Certainly nothing has equaled it since, HARSH is the original. HARSH hoists work faultlessly, day in day out, in the toughest conditions around the globe. From Colorado the home of HARSH in the Rocky Mountains of the U.S.A. North to Canada and the Arctic Circle, South to Latin America, and throughout Europe and Asia to the Far East.

As a former Marine, seasoned entrepreneur and engineer Andy took Harsh under his wing and further created a true icon in the industry. Andy implemented a whole new level of automation for Harsh that not only improved the product designs and manufacturability, but also created a much more stable business that doubled the number of very talented employees and tripled Harsh’s growth in a matter of only a few years. At 82 years of age, twenty eight years later and more enthusiasm than his first day at Harsh Andy continues to enforce a Modus Operandi of constant and never-ending improvement at Harsh International Inc. in the little town of Eaton Colorado. Andy maintains that, “only that which is profitable is sustainable” and therefore acknowledges that not only must Harsh and Harsh’s vendors be profitable, but that the products produced by Harsh MUST support our customers ability to produce higher profits.

Supreme International, with a history that spans over several decades, became the first company in North America to design, test and manufacture the VERTICAL FEED PROCESSOR. The innovative methods used in the initial research and development consisted of bringing in several key farm owners from all over North America and asking their opinions on what they needed. This practice continues today. Who better to ask? The first few years were the formative years. Supreme has revolutionized the livestock feeding industry by adding many new innovative features to the vertical processor that enabled livestock producers to feed their cattle more efficiently allowing them to lower their feed costs and improve their gains.

In May 2008, Supreme expanded into the United States, with a purchase of a 9,000 square foot assembly facility located in Dodge City, KS. This expansion is in response to the trending of an increased demand for better quality and larger equipment for feeding cattle in both dairy and feedlot.